The Munay-ki are the nine great rites of passage of the medicine way. In Qechua, the indigenous language of the Andes, the word munay translates as "I love you" or "be as thou art."

The nine initiations of the Munay-ki are the gateways for developing an awareness of the transcendent nature within the human experience. They are delivered in the form of energetic transmissions that awaken and hasten awareness in a way other wisdom traditions have referred to as “being in the world, but not of it.” In receiving the rites, our connection with the divine comes together with our human experience.

Receiving the nine rites of the Munay-Ki requires a willingness to grow in awareness of and to become a steward of responsibility and integrity in the following eight areas:

Developing and exercising our capacity to “see.”

Developing an awareness of personal power and exercising it with integrity.

Accepting responsibility for living as a force of healing in the world.

Living in harmony with nature and the elements of earth.

Recognizing and expressing our wisdom; living as the sage.

Living in harmony with our universal or “star” nature.

Living in harmony with time and our ultimate capacities.

Stepping into the awareness and mastery of conscious co-creation.

The Wisdomkeeper Connection offers several ways to receive the rites of the Munay Ki:

Energetic transmissions only:

A series of six five minute sessions arranged by appointment at the Woodbridge, CT office. Free
Energetic transmissions with accompanying education and coaching: A series of six 30-minute sessions arranged by appointment at the Woodbridge, CT office. $40/session

Munay Ki workshop:




A Friday evening to Sunday noon workshop, or a six-session series offered locally or delivered in your community. In this offering participants engage in reflective practices in preparation to receive the rites; are educated in depth about each rite of passage; receive the energetic transmissions; and are taught how to pass them on to others. Costs vary according to circumstance
We live in a time that has been talked about in ancient prophecies for centuries: a time when a “new human” appears on the planet—one who lives free of fear and resides in his or her transcendent nature. We are those new humans.

- J.P., Stonington, CT    

If you are considering registering for or hosting a workshop, you may have many questions. The most common ones are answered here. If you have additional questions, please contact Pat Heavren of The Wisdomkeeper Connection at
What can I expect to experience as I receive the Munay Ki rites?
These rites are the rites of the shaman’s path of the descendants of the Inka, the indigenous peoples of the holy mountains of the Peruvian Andes. The rites are received as seeds in the energetic architecture of the luminous body that surrounds the physical body. The more free the luminous field is from the dense energy of past wounds, trauma, tension and disease, the more rapidly the seeds of the rites will grow. As we integrate the rites into our energetic field, the areas where we most need healing will become more evident. Our healing journey will accelerate as every action and interaction becomes informed by the rites. If we step away from alignment with our newly-organized self in our day-to-day experience, the lessons of the Munay Ki will naturally appear, returning us to right relationship.
I understand if I receive the rites as an “initiate,” I am invited to gift them to others…what does this mean?

Traditionally, initiates work with an elder for many years in sacred study before and between receiving rites of passage. However, we now stand at a time of quickening, a critical juncture of human history. One of the reasons these rites have been translated into an essential, silent form is so they can be transmitted and replicated easily.

It is hoped that these rites will be transmitted to as many individuals as possible now and in coming times. While it is not a requirement for receiving the rites, it is asked that once you receive them that you strongly consider passing their gifts along.

Like the concept of the hundredth monkey, as the rites mature in a core number of people on our planet, others will be drawn into this new consciousness. According to prophecy, we will then witness the birth of a new form of human on the planet and the dawn of a new civilization. You will receive the rites with greatest power if you infuse them with an intention to pass them on.

If I am just receiving the rites during this Munay Ki workshop, how will I know how to pass them on? How can I be supported in my own healing work after the rites settle in?

In addition to receiving the rites in ceremony during our gathered meetings, you will learn and have an opportunity to practice the essential aspects of giving the rites You will be shown the steps of creating sacred space for yourself and for your rites recipients; and you will receive a DVD that will guide you on how to administer the rites to others.

Receiving the rites does not require that you receive further knowledge of the medicine ways of this tradition or healing interventions to further your journey. However, these opportunities may be helpful or desired. If so, you may make an appointment for an energy medicine session or enroll in the Inka Medicine Wheel training. This training offers an in-depth experience of the wisdom teachings and practices of the indigenous ancients who have been keepers of the Munay Ki rites.

If the nine rites are given and received as a gift, why is there a cost to participate?

The passing of the rites freely without monetary charge or exchange is a tradition that has been honored for centuries back in time. And it is the request of our elders that it remain so.

The recipient of the rite will often offer the giver a small, simple gift to acknowledge gratitude and reciprocity for the exchange. If you choose to honor the tradition, you may also do this. But it is not required. These small gifts are often found, created or purchased treasures that are given from the heart of one to the heart of another.

Also in keeping with this tradition, Munay Ki workshops are kept reasonably and affordably priced. Fees cover materials, instruction time, space rental, coordination, and other associated expenses. The actual time spent in transmission of the rites is not factored into the cost of the program. It is freely given as an inspired act of love and generosity for our own healing and the healing of the planet.

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